Important Information - Please Read!

I use Genesis Heat Set Paints on all of my Reborn Dolls.  This paint does not fade, chip or peel - it is permanent and all babies are hand painted by me and it takes layers of paints to achieve a natural skin-tone.  All of the babies heads are hand rooted with premium mohair unless otherwise stated on the doll's description page.   Rooting the hair is the longest process in making these babies -it generally takes me around 7 hours to root a head that is 13 inches in diameter.  All of my babies' clothes are New or Hand made - I never use used clothing.  On occasion, when I want to clean out my baby clothes inventory, I may send you an item or two that might look dusty - but I will always send those to use as an "extra" item - I would never list that type of item as an inclusion in the layette you would receive.

A Word about Shipping Charges - Purchase of porcelain dolls include the metal stand.  Prices do not include shipping and shipping charges depend on the actual weight of the package, the size and your location.  I have never had a porcelain doll break during shipping but do recommend that you elect to have your item insured.  Shipping charges are high - I charge actual shipping charges only and have no control over them - so please, if you cannot afford shipping, do not purchase the doll - I have lowered their prices as much as possible and I am not making a profit on them considering all the handwork that has been put into the making of these dolls.  I am sorry to say, however,  that I cannot ship these dolls Internationally/Overseas because they might get broken during handling in Customs and they are not replaceable.



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