Welcomes Gemma 

By Award Winning Doll Artist, Mary Booker 

 photo gemma12.jpg


4 lbs 11 oz and appx 21 inches with bent legs
Gemma  was made from her kit sculpted by  artist Donna Rubert

Gemma has 3/4 arms and legs
Layers of Genesis Heat Set Paints to Achieve Color
Hand Painted Eyebrows
Manicured Fingers and Toes 
Magnetic Pacifier
Rooted Eyelashes
Black Mohair

  photo gemma25.jpg

 photo gemma15.jpg

 photo gemma6.jpg

Gemma's custom made body contains polyfil and glass beads secured in a sack .  There is  no sand used in this baby.

 photo gemma19.jpg

 photo gemma26.jpg

 photo gemma3.jpg

Layers of Genesis heat set paints were used to achieve her skin color.  Genesis paints will not fade and harsh chemicals should not be used on her vinyl.  All of Gemma's painting was done on the outside.  Her nose has been shaded to appear that it is opened, and she has manicured fingers and toes. 

 photo gemma14.jpg

I used a 42g needle to root Gemma's hair with  Black   Mohair  and then sealed it inside with a water sealant glue. I left her hair a little long and then used hair rollers to get her curls because I know I am not a good hairstylist, so you'll be able to restyle her hair.

 photo gemma4.jpg

 photo gemma23.jpg 

 photo gemma25.jpg

 photo gemma12.jpg

Gemma will arrive home as you see her here. No extras or layette. This baby can wear 0-3 months clothing. The magnet in the pacifier is strong, so caution should be used around pacemakers.

You can Adopt Gemma for $245.00 plus shipping

Payment Terms - Read ALL Carefully

Payment via PayPal only. I am unable to accept Layaways at this time. Please view photos carefully. Absolutely No Refunds due to Buyer's Remorse.   

Sale is Final

November 10, 2018