Reborn Doll Hair Care

I personally recommend "Silken Child" baby styling hair conditioner which can be purchased online at Dolls by Sandie for $4.95 plus shipping.

Another alternative product recommended by one of my customers: It's best not to style and comb the hair too much. Instead of the creamy leave-in conditioner, I have found that the liquid leave-in conditioners/detanglers (especially for that wet look) are great and then styling mostly with the fingers. You can smooth the hair out for a more relaxed look or let it be wavier. If you do not want the wet look at all, I suggest using less of the product; however, in either case there is no need to saturate the hair.  I am currently using the childrens "Just for me" 2-in-1 conditioning detangler by Soft and Beautiful and my babies' hair is so beautiful and soft to the touch. It also has a little hold to it which supports the style and the detangler is helpful also. It does however have a strong fruity smell but I have found that this will wear off some once it dries. I'm sure that there are other liquid leave-in conditioning products out there that will probably work as well but I'm sticking with the "Just for me" brand since it is alcohol free, detangles, and doesn't contain an extensive amount of ingredients since it is made for children. Liquid conditioning products also work well on reborns.


For privacy reasons, I will not mention her name, but I want to thank my happy and loyal customer for sending these instructions to me so that I can share them with you.



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